New Company Brings Video Games to the Casino Floor

Imagine this: You’re in Vegas, you walk out on the casino floor, and there they are – A sea of slot machines. Push the button, hope the pictures match, win the prize. That’s it. All chance, no skill. SUPER boring. Having been to Vegas myself, I can attest to the fact that slot machines are definitely not as exciting as they once were. They also stole $20 from me, so if you see that machine, (you know the one) tell it I want my money back.

In any case, the slot machine may soon find itself going the way of the Dodo! A new company named GameCo has a solution that just might bring real video games to a casino near you! The idea is pretty simple; offer a system that “balances player skill with proprietary game design”. These games would have the same kind of house returns that most slot machines have, but payouts would be based on player skill!


In a report from Forbes, statistics show that gaming on slots is down as Millennials take the floor. This has casinos looking for something more engaging for their younger visitors.

GameCo Solves this problem with several options for play, and a clear plan for the future. This company seems to have their bases covered and casinos just might get a little more exciting for us gamers! Be on the lookout for this option as GameCo begins to sweep into your next gambling destination!

With so many new advancements in the evolution of interactive gaming, this seems to be another logical step in the process.


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