PlayStation VR Compatible with PC and Xbox One … Sort of.

Console gaming has taken a leap into the future this week with the release of PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality). Aimed to immerse gamers even further into their gaming experiences, PlayStation VR is getting high praises from those who have purchased the hardware.

PlayStation VR

Japanese website, Esuteru, has reported (and translated through a Reddit post) that the VR headset has a cinematic mode that is capable of displaying PC, Xbox One, and possibly Wii U games. The unit plugs into a processor unit that acts sort of like an HDMI splitter so audio and video can displayed within the headset and your TV at the same time. If you happen to live on the wild side, you can plug that in to an Xbox One or PC instead of your PlayStation 4 (PS4).

Of course, you will not be able to experience the full immersion of virtual reality through this method. Features such as head movement tracking will not work. Problems also arise due to not being able to make screen adjustments, such as centering, as these are done using the PS4 controller. There is no clear benefits of doing this, other than the, “look what I can do” niche of it. Maybe in the future we will see some cross compatibility. Maybe not with Xbox One, but possibly on PC. Only time will tell.

PlayStation VR is available now for $400, which includes the headset, all cables and connections, as well as a demo disc or in a $500 bundle that includes the required PlayStation camera, Move controllers, and PlayStation Worlds game disc.

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