Trials of Osiris Becoming Unbearable to Play Thanks to Dirty Tactics

Players of the game Destiny are close to giving up on Trials of Osiris, a crucible event that occurs every Friday at 10AM PST until Tuesday’s weekly reset. People on Reddit are claiming to be constant victims of distributed denial-of-service or DDoS for short. What that means is that other players are flooding the victims console or computer with overwhelming amounts of traffic causing them to temporarily lose service and boots them out of the game.

trials of osiris

One of them named OdysseyWolf claimed that he and his teammates reported the people doing this and decided they no longer had the motivation to continue playing Trials of Osiris.

“We provided video proof and links to their trials report game list, showing deserters in every single game they played. None of them had a KD higher than .84. We even kept an eye on the next games they completed and even invited the people they DDOS’d next, to OUR party chat. They were nice guys who were also booted, with their home network taken down like ours were. My home network was disrupted. How the f*** do people even do that?”

When you play Trials of Osiris and you quit OR get disconnected… it counts as a loss. You can only have 3 losses before you are no longer granted access to the trials for that week. Understandably when players are constantly getting booted thanks to people not playing fair it can get frustrating and starts to seem not worth the effort. Other players were quick to join in with their similar experiences.

“I literally got DDOS’d the first time I played trials (after probably 30 min of LFG’ing it). More or less soured me to the whole thing other than clearing the occasional card for a bounty. There’s plenty enough other content in the game (or other games, or the outside world) without me having to worry about that nonsense. I also don’t get it from the DDOS’rs perspective. Where’s the fun in it? It’s like playing Street Fighter with a friend, knocking the controller out of their hand, and finishing the round. Wow, you’re really awesome at video games!”

Another common complaint being made toward other players of Trials of Osiris is constant PlayStation notifications being sent, blocking the in-game radar.

“I got blasted with nearly 100 spam messages during Trials last weekend. It said “fuck you” along with some link to a site that spams PSN accounts. They do this to block your radar in-game. Trials maybe “end game”, but truthfully, the lag and community around Trials specifically has gone beyond toxic. So many good players that could make it to the lighthouse are blocked by red-bars, message spammers, and DDoS-ers.”

The solution, according to the player base, is for Destiny to stop using peer-to-peer connections and instead have dedicated servers run by the developer, Bungie. The reason is that in order to use DDoS against someone, you have to know their IP address and with the peer-to-peer connections it is easy to obtain. A representative of Bungie responded on the post:

“PM me their names and I will look into it on Monday. For everyone else in this thread, reporting in game is the best practice to combat cheaters. If you are unable to do it in game you can also do it here: We swing the ban hammer often and are always improving our methods. Play nice.”

trials of osiris

Have you guys had issues with this? Tell us about it in the comment section and check back with Don’t Feed The Gamers for all your gaming news! Here are some other great reads to do with Destiny:

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