Kingdom Hearts 3 To Reveal ‘Big Hero 6’ World Soon

Kingdom Hearts 3

As one tends to expect from a Kingdom Hearts game, the entirety of Disney’s vast vault of properties has the potential to show up in some shape or form. As time has gone on, the Square Enix franchise has made numerous worlds from the “house of mouse” available for exploration, including the likes of Pixar’s Toy Story and live-action properties such as Pirates of the Caribbean. The upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 looks to be no different with several new areas debuting, including one based on Disney’s Marvel Comics adaptation Big Hero 6.

We have yet to see a proper in-game look at the film’s futuristic setting of San Fransokyo, but that looks to change soon according to an upcoming issue of Dengeki PlayStation. The July 12th edition of the Japanese magazine is set to contain an interview with Kingdom Hearts 3 director Tetsuya Nomura, where new information is expected to be revealed. According to a recap of the interview by Hokanko-alt (via Kingdom Hearts Insider), Nomura-san not only confirms a Big Hero 6 presence, he’s hopeful the unseen world could be shown off during the game’s next reveal trailer.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Numerous other nuggets of information also lie within the recap, as we get confirmation of a Frozen-style Keyblade transformation, an open-world Gummi Ship mode, and a uniquely-designed PlayStation 4 Pro bundle based on Kingdom Hearts 3. We even get a mention regarding the Final Fantasy VII remake, reiterating the project’s surprising progression of development as of late. The complete recap by translator extraordinaire Goldpanner can be viewed below.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Interview w/ Director Tetsuya Nomura

  • He thought of including Frozen from quite an early stage
  • It follows the chronology of the movie, with the plot of Sora & friends progressing behind the scenes of the story of Anna and Elsa
  • In the Frozen world there’s an ice skate style Keyblade transformation
  • Elsa & the others don’t fight, but Marshmallow lends a hand
  • They wanted to put even more into the graphics of the PotC world
  • He’s wanted to do a pirate form Sora for a long time now
  • It started because he wanted to include one live action Disney work
  • Plotwise it takes main beats from the 3rd movie, but they’ve written the scenario so you’ll understand how it’s following on from the 2nd movie
  • There’s elements on land, sea and air, and quite a lot of gameplay features. Keyblade can transform into a spear & flag
  • He thinks he will be able to show footage of the Big Hero Six world next time
  • Wreck-it Ralph was revealed as one of the Link Commands the other day, and Ratatouille is a mini game
  • The reason he picked Hercules & Toy Story for the press etc. demo was because those are closest in quality to the commercial version
  • He will keep working on things he got feedback on from the demos eg. camera rotation, right to the end
  • Everything for this game has to be created right from scratch which has been pretty tough
  • The difficulty level in the demo ver. was a little easier than Standard Mode but a bit harder than Beginner Mode
  • Character levelling up etc. will follow the same format as KH/KHII
  • The Gummi Ship is being developed with the director and staff of Einhänder, Nomura loved that game so he is really looking forward to it being finished
  • There’s a ‘battle specialization mode’ and ‘free movement mode’, they’re calling it an open world Gummi Ship
  • There will be a follow up report on Gummi Ship customization
  • The order in which you visit worlds is mostly fixed
  • In this game there are no skippable worlds, since most people visit all of them
  • At this point there aren’t any online components, but he wants to add them
  • The kind of demo they released before is different from a proper playable demo, which they do not have the time to make
  • He wants to release more info about the New Organization XIII a little at a time as the release date comes closer
  • Aqua is from after a certain incident
  • He thinks if you play both Union Cross and KH3 you will understand the deal with Marluxia
  • One of the main themes of KH3 is “a conclusion for everybody,” which means the number of characters appearing is huge
  • Hikaru Utada created the new song for them at a very early stage
  • After sending her an explanation of the series and of the content, they left the song up to her
  • They started work on the bundle edition PS4Pro quite early, he had them remake it many times until they got his ideal color
  • They are especially manufactured with a leathery finish
  • The controller(s?) has a glossy finish with a design on the touchpad, this is a never-before-seen type
  • He wants you to play the previous titles and UX until release date
  • They’re realizing that there’s a chance they will run out of disc space, so he’d like you to set up your net connection and wait for the currently-being-planned online components
  • Regarding FF7 Remake: he knows some misinformation caused people to worry, but development is actually coming along very well
  • They’re keeping info on the downlow because they are prioritizing the release of KH3 and other titles from the company
  • They’re focusing on the next time they can release info, so please wait a little longer

What do you think? Are you excited by all this new Kingdom Hearts 3 information coming forward, or is your hype only localized to Big Hero 6 at the moment? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter and Facebook to be informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more from the realm of Kingdom Hearts, check out these next few news stories:

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