New Life is Strange Prequel Trailer Goes Inside the Relationship of Chloe Price and Rachel (VIDEO)

Chloe Price

Life is Strange was an episodic graphic adventure which followed Maxine Caulfield or Max as she unlocks a supernatural power to rewind time after a series of intense events.. The tale goes on to solve multiple dramatic mysteries and work through the difficulties and consequences of messing with timelines.  The game itself was hailed for it’s breathtaking story, melodic music, and enthralling characters. A second Life is Strange is on the way which will be set three years “Before the Storm” of the first title. The story will be centered around Chloe and featuring a strong focus on the relationship with Rachel which was mentioned quite often in the first game. This can be seen within a new trailer put out for the game which can be seen below,

As the description for the video explains, “People are inherently complex” and even more so are the relationships between characters. Chloe is an interesting person, she’s broken and imperfect, which is one of the reasons fans find her so compelling. She’s the kind of person who pushes people away trying to keep from being hurt but meeting Rachel allows her to open up while getting in touch with her more rebellious side. It’s an experience that many fans will recognize all too well from their own life lessons.

Chloe Price

The story of Life is Strange: Before the Storm will work through the relationship between the two characters and the players choices and reactions to people will determine what that the characters mean to each other. Chloe definitely feels very strongly for her friend Rachel as seen in the first game but what exactly that relationship entails is entirely up to the player. Lead writer Zak Garriss explains,

Imperfection is something that we embrace with this story for sure. Rachel Amber has a power, charisma, and a meaning to Chloe that you know from the first game is incredible. We don’t know for sure that it is purely good. It can be amazing to meet a person who has that power but it’s not necessarily a good thing all the time either because people are inherently complex. Rachel Amber is not just a hero to Chloe, she might not be a hero at all to Chloe.”

Unfortunately, the Life is Strange prequel won’t feature the voice of Ashly Burch who played Chloe in the first game, however she is back on board as a writing consultant. The new voice actress hopes to bring fans a raw and emotional performance of her own. How Chloe Price relates to the rest of the characters and world seen in Life is Strange: Before the Storm will be a treat for many fans especially seeing the relationship referenced throughout the first title’s progression. Let us know your thoughts on the next Life of Strange game and Chloe Price in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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