Despite Rumors of a Wolf Among Us Sequel, Telltale Says it’s Not in the Cards

Wolf Among Us sequel

Some fans got a little too excited when they saw a recent tease from Telltale that led them to believe a Wolf Among Us sequel was in the works. Unfortunately, despite these rumors, Telltale clarifies that it’s not the case and that even if a sequel did happen in the future, it would follow a different storyline altogether.

The reason behind the rumors was due to the voice actor who played Bigby, Adam Harrington, who happened to retweet the tease from Telltale that said to expect some news at the San Diego Comic Con. The thing is that although The Wolf Among Us was a notable role for him, it isn’t the only project he has ever done with Telltale and should not have blown up the way it did, but fans will be fans am I right? Job J. Stauffer, Telltale’s Head of Creative Communications, tweeted his understanding and sympathy for those who got their hopes up for a Wolf Among Us sequel:

The designers at Telltale answered some questions earlier this year that were submitted by fans and Stauffer told them that even if they did a second season, they would not get into how the first one ended. They intend to forever keep the game an open-ended mystery.

“We have been asked over and over again for some insight into the mystery at the end of the finale for TWAU. Something I’ve always wanted to admit is that while we do have a clear answer to who was who at the end of that story… we had also agreed to keep it a mystery for the fans to ponder on their own. Definitely fun to see all of the theories pour out, and exciting to pay off our neon-noir story with a femme fatale twist.

Should we ever continue in the world of Fables and The Wolf Among Us… it is generally agreed upon here that we wouldn’t continue that storyline directly, and would leave things an open mystery that’s better left unanswered….”

Are you saddened by the news of no Wolf Among Us sequel? What other Telltale games would you like to see new seasons for? Let us know in the comment section below and then head to the DFTG Twitter page to stay updated on all the hottest gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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