Life Is Strange: Before The Storm’s Gameplay Footage Released – All Aboard the Feels Train (VIDEO)

Storm's gameplay

Fans of Life is Strange got a treat at E3 when the trailer for its Chloe Price featured prequel was dropped. While the announcements that have been coming out of E3 are winding down, there is still more awesomeness coming down the mountain. This time around, fans are getting a peek at Before the Storm‘s gameplay with a new emotional trailer.

In the Before the Storm‘s gameplay footage, Chloe Price, in all her angsty glory, is out for a night of partying at a rock show. There she makes her first real connection with Rachel and Frank. The scenes are part gameplay, part cinematic much like the original. Familiar places also crop up in Before the Storm‘s gameplay trailer. Fans will revisit the Lighthouse, bringing back a torrent of feels from the first game. Later, viewers get to see an emotional scene in the junkyard, which gives them an idea of how Chloe found it, and what first happens there.

From the 20 minutes of gameplay, it is obvious that the new developer is keeping with the same nostalgic feel of the first game. Similar phrases, choices, and mechanics will make returning players feel right at home. From the story presented, it looks like the prequel may be just as good as the first entry in the franchise.

A drawback that is somewhat apparent in Before the Storm‘s gameplay trailer is the fact that the voice actor is different. For this viewer, it was at first distracting, but after a few minutes of getting into the story, the differences faded into the background. You can read all about why Ashly Burch did not reprise her role here.

Storm's gameplay

While this aspect may be disappointing for some, the gameplay trailer definitely offers a silver lining. With fans having waited over a year for a new title, the excitement definitely outweighs anything else. With any luck, the game’s first episode will have fans saying wowzers! Speaking of which, Before the Storm‘s first installment arrives on August 31 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

What are some first impressions after watching the gameplay trailer? Do you find the lack of Ashly Burch disturbing, or is it a nonissue? Join in on the conversation in the comments section below! As always, don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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