Total War: ARENA Now Under Wargaming Alliance Development (VIDEO)

Total War: ARENA, a long anticipated free-to-play MMO, is finally moving forward in its production phase, as SEGA has officially passed the buck onto Wargaming in a surprising partnership to finally bring life to this much sought after title. Announced officially on Twitter, Wargaming – going under the separate label, Wargaming Alliance- has taken on the task and joins ranks with SEGA and the Creative Assembly to finish the publication for this game once and for all.

Total War: ARENA will now be a fully collaborative work between The Creative Assembly, Wargaming Alliance, and SEGA, giving this title a real chance at becoming something huge for patient fans everywhere. According to PC Gamer, who spoke directly with Studio Director Tim Heaton of Creative Assembly,  Total War: ARENA has a “robust player pool that has existed since day one”.

Total War: ARENA has had a strong, dedicated fan base from the start which we involved closely throughout the early development stages of the game. Most of the initial players we invited into the game were from the Total War community, we then started to see growth into wider communities. Now, with the Wargaming Alliance partnership we are able to expand further by reaching out to their substantial subscriber-base and beyond. ~ Tim Heaton

The developers are looking forward to some serious thrills for gamers when this game finally releases. As of right now, there is no set date on when Total War: ARENA will be releasing. Until then, check out this video below to see the exciting trailer for this upcoming FTP adventure:

For fans of strategy-based adventures, this upcoming event promises everything the previous Total War games have delivered, and much more. Until we get more news on when we expect to see this game finally released, check out this article on EVE Online for more strategy based free-to-play gaming fun.

What do you think? Does Total War: ARENA look like a title you’ll want to pick up for yourself? Have you played any of the Total War games previously? Let us know in the comments below, and game on!


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