Tomb Raider Remasters of First Three Games Coming To PC

Tomb Raider Remasters

The Tomb Raider franchise has found new growth in recent years, both commercially and creatively. The new reboot of the series brought a greater emotional weight to Lara Croft in the last two games created by Square Enix, which gained new fans and found success. This renewed interest in the series has led to a new Tomb Raider film starring Alicia Vikander hitting theaters soon. Now, it has been confirmed that PC gamers will be able to experience the first three games in the classic series once more with new Tomb Raider remasters.

Realtech VR recently confirmed that they are working on developing the Tomb Raider remasters for PC in the Twitter conversation seen below. The developer previously worked on porting the first two Tomb Raider games to mobile devices, which were quite well received, so they certainly seem qualified for the task. It appears that these new remasters will be free for downloading on Steam for those that purchased the previously sold DOS versions of the games. Otherwise, newcomers can purchase the DOS versions and instantly obtain the new remasters. In addition, these new versions will also support OpenVR and will utilize a new 3D engine to help the games look and play better than before.

There’s no word yet on when these new remasters will be available, but it is possible that they could release around the same time that the new Tomb Raider film becomes available on Blu-Ray and On Demand later this year, as a cross-promotion. Still, it will be nice for veterans of the franchise to play the original games in a new way, and for newcomers to play them for the first time. What do you guys think about the new Tomb Raider remasters coming to PC? Let us know in the comments below!

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