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Activision Teases More Remastered Game Announcements

When it comes to remastering older games, it can be a tricky balance catering to older fans while simultaneously striking gold with new ones. With current video game development technology,…

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Command And Conquer, Red Alert Remasters Officially Confirmed (VIDEO)

Command And Conquer, Red Alert Remasters Officially Confirmed (VIDEO)

The Command and Conquer series received news of a new entry this past E3, where a mobile variation titled Command and Conquer: Rivals was officially revealed. While we were assured…

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Warcraft III: Reforged

Warcraft III Remaster “Reforged” Announced At BlizzCon 2018 (VIDEO)

Remasters of older video games has become commonplace in recent years, with more and more developers updating titles for current technology. One of the highly requested adventures from Blizzard Entertainment…

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Tomb Raider Remasters

Tomb Raider Remasters of First Three Games Coming To PC

The Tomb Raider franchise has found new growth in recent years, both commercially and creatively. The new reboot of the series brought a greater emotional weight to Lara Croft in…

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Remastered StarCraft and Brood War Expansion Out Now for PC

Remastered StarCraft and Brood War Expansion Out Now With 4K Support

The original StarCraft brought an interesting sci-fi atmosphere to the real-time strategy genre, and while the game is approaching 20 years old, its legacy lives on in the relatively recent sequel StarCraft II…

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Dark Knight Trilogy

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy to Receive 4K Remaster (VIDEO)

The current film Batman may be fighting crime in Gotham City looking like Ben Affleck these days, but it wasn’t long ago when that wasn’t the case. The last entry…

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A Brand New Final Fantasy XII Remaster Story Trailer Drops – The Zodiac Age (VIDEO)

Square Enix dropped a new cinematic trailer to showcase the differences in the overall narrative and altered cinematics for the upcoming Final Fantasy XII remaster. The sound and visuals were both visibly…

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New Features, Soundtrack, and 4K Come to Planescape Torment Remastered

It may have been a while since you thought of Planescape Torment. The 1999 RPG has been considered by many fans to be one of the best PRG’s of all…

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StarCraft Remastered

Blizzard Announces StarCraft: Remastered – Includes 4K, Matchmaking, and More (VIDEO)

Fans of the iconic RTS video game StarCraft will be happy to know that the very essence that made the original title so lovable will be felt throughout the upcoming…

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Original Starcraft Could Be Getting An HD Remastered Edition Soon

If you’re a fan of the long running Starcraft franchise, you’ll be happy to know that Blizzard reportedly has plans to take a trip back to their roots by remastering…

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