The Witcher Unrealistic Due To Sword-Wielding Women, Says Critic Man-Baby

The Witcher Unrealistic Due To Women With Swords, Says Critic Man-Baby

Netflix’s The Witcher series roared to life upon its release on December 20 of last year, garnering enough praise to earn itself a spot on Netflix’s top 10 shows of 2019 despite having less than two weeks to prove itself. Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone, and it appears that one particular critic is taking digs at the show because, get this, it isn’t “unrealistic” because women can’t fight with swords.

Daily Wire reviewer Andrew Klavan must have had a terrible time seeing strong, independent women on the small screen, as he spoke at length about how serious of an issue it was that The Witcher featured women fighting with swords, going so far as to claim that “zero women can fight with a sword.” Never mind that we have Mages, monsters, dragons, and Witchers, he’d rather focus more on being a misogynist than refusing to suspend his disbelief in various fantasy things.

As one would expect, folks on social media had a lot to say to Klavan about how ludicrously wrong he is. Not taking such criticism to heart, he instead responded with the above follow-up tweet stating that “no matter how angry people get on Twitter, women would still be killed instantly in a medieval sword fight!” Unfortunately, sexism is alive and well in 2020. Still, Netflix’s The Witcher is going strong and we’ll likely be in the presence of even more strong women when season two finally arrives, which has now entered pre-production. It’s still a long way off, which is good, as Klavan will have plenty of time to steel himself before more examples of the opposite sex taking charge of their own destinies.

Season one of Netflix’s The Witcher is now available on the streaming platform.

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