The Witcher Cosplay Game Stays Strong with Incredible Triss Merigold

The Witcher Triss Cosplay

The Witcher continues to provide unlimited inspiration to cosplayers around the world. Of course, we’re all familiar with everyone’s favorite Geralt of Rivia, Maul Cosplay. (Sorry, Henry.) But he’s far from the only person to take on the look of a Witcher character. TophWei showed off this incredible Ciri cosplay, and Irina Meier provided a gorgeous creative take on Ciri in the Cyberpunk 2077 universe. Meier is back at it again with one of the most incredible Triss Merigold cosplays around.

Meier posted these photos several months back, but they just caught our eye. She’s an extremely accomplished cosplayer, but this might be her masterpiece.

Wow. The attention to detail here should be the envy of all cosplayers. First, the intricacies of the dress and jewelry must have taken ages to perfect. But these photos show off more than design skills. The lighting in the first photo, the sly look on Meier’s face throughout, the shadowing cast by the candlelight. These photos transcend standard cosplay and broach high art status through their technical prowess. 

My immediate reaction to seeing the cosplay was to question its veracity. I could have sworn the images were in-game promos from CD Projekt Red. They are that good. Meier is as close to a perfect Triss as I’ve seen. Netflix has a tough act to follow when casting the sorceress in The Witcher series.

Of course, Netflix has kept most of the show’s details under wraps. We know very little about the story, and Henry Cavill remains the only official cast member. The company has not yet set a release date, so we may be waiting a while. Thankfully, a Witcher spinoff game and a new comic series should help fill the void in our lives.

If you need something extra to tide you over, might I suggest this Maul Cosplay NSFW Witcher calendar?

What do you think of Meier’s cosplay? Do you prefer her Ciri or her Triss? Who is your pick to play Triss in the Netflix series? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to follow DFTG on Facebook and Twitter!

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