The Last Of Us Part II Confirmed By PS Music For 2019 Release

The Last Of Us Part II Confirmed By PS Music For 2019 Release

With Outbreak Day having only recently passed, fans are picking the bones of recent details looking for new information. A special PS4 theme was given to fans to celebrate on Outbreak Day, and now it seems The Last of Us Part II might have a little more for fans to get excited about. Keep in mind that this information comes from the PlayStation Music channel on YouTube, a credible source, but delays and other unforeseen issues could change this.

A fan recently uncovered that each video for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II uploaded to PS Music lists the game as releasing in 2019. This is exciting news for fans who thought the second installment in the series wouldn’t release until 2020. Of course, there are 365 days in a year, but every little bit counts.

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The credibility of the site cannot be understated, as PS Music is an official site linked to Spotify. Every video that was published by the channel had the same date of 2019 applied to it as seen above. Of course, the confirmation of a release year seems more like a tease given that we don’t even know what quarter The Last of Us Part II is launching, let alone a solid date.

Regardless, The Last of Us Part II has become hotly anticipated with fans hoping to hear more at PlayStation Experience. Unfortunately, Sony announced that the event won’t be happening this year, leaving many fans in the dark about this and other titles. With the official source leaking the year, the company may find it prudent to give a little more detail or clarification at the very least in the not too distant future.

The Last of Us Part II will seemingly be releasing in 2019 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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