The Witcher Series Reportedly Auditioned Hobbit Actor For Role Of Dijkstra

The Witcher Series Reportedly Auditioned Hobbit Actor For Role Of Dijkstra

With the first season of Netflix’s The Witcher series having received rave reviews, fans of both the original book series by Andrzej Sapkowski and those that enjoyed the video games by CD Projekt RED are thrilled to see what’s to come in season 2, which has entered pre-production. The team behind the Netflix series have been fairly talkative thus far, promising plenty of character development for Jaskier on top of a more straightforward storyline. There have also been casting rumors for the second season of The Witcher, with the most recent one suggesting that an actor from The Hobbit may end up taking on the role of Sigismund Dijkstra.

The news comes by way of The Witcher news site Redanian Intelligence, which is ironic since the spy organization the site is know for is famously affiliated with Sigismund Dijkstra. According to the reports, The Hobbit and Outlander actor Graham McTavish auditioned for a role for season two, with the site referencing an audition clip that has since been removed from Vimeo before most folks had a chance to see it.

Accompanying the now-deleted video was a script for the audition. While Dijkstra of course wasn’t named as is the audition script policy of the showrunner, the character known as “David” spoke with King Vizimir about the latest news, at one point referencing spies, something that would be very much within Dijkstra’s wheelhouse. This is of course all speculation for now, though I’d personally love to see Graham McTavish in a role for season two of The Witcher.

The first season of Netflix’s The Witcher is now available via the streaming platform.

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