The Witcher Series’ Henry Cavill Reveals How He Got The Role

The Witcher Series' Henry Cavill Reveals How He Got The Role

Despite some early misgivings from die hard fans of the source material for The Witcher, it has become decidedly difficult to picture Geralt of Rivia as anyone but Henry Cavill. The former Man of Steel star seemingly took to the part like a Geralt in a bathtub, likely due in no small part to his familiarity with both the character and the story. Of course, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich didn’t just call him up one day out of the blue and offer him the part – it took a whole lot of work (and pestering) on his end to nab the role.

“When I heard they were making The Witcher, I obviously was incredibly excited, and I annoyed the living daylights out of my agents,” Cavill said to Entertainment Tonight.  “I called them every day and said, ‘Guys, now? Meeting now? How ’bout now?’ And they eventually said, ‘Look, they’ve brought on a showrunner, and we’ve called them, and they said, ‘Look, we’re not even close to that process yet,” and I kept on pushing, pushing, pushing, and eventually I think Netflix just got tired[.]”

“I sat down with Lauren, we had a great conversation about the show, where it was going, and my passion for it as well, and then she was very frank with me at the time,” he admitted. “Said, ‘Look, we haven’t even started the process of casting yet; it was great to meet you, but we’ve got a long way to go. I’ve got to start writing as well.'”

“And so, it was then — I think it was a four-month break or something after that?” Cavill said. “And I was just hoping that when they came round all the other casting and everything — and it’s important that the right casting process is done; you can’t just hire the first person who walks into the room. I was fortunate enough to land the role after my audition, which was fun. It was nerve-racking obviously, because I really, really, really wanted it. But got there in the end, and here I am now.”

And so we have it. Given the most recently revealed trailer for The Witcher, it appears that Netflix made the right call when hiring Cavill for the role. Still, a trailer is one thing. Let’s see how we feel once the show actually releases, hopefully later this year.

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