RetroMania Wrestling Confirmed For Nintendo Switch (VIDEO)

RetroMania Wrestling Confirmed For Nintendo Switch (VIDEO)

Announced earlier this year, RetroMania Wrestling is intended as a throwback to classic Arcade-style wrestling games like WWF Wrestlefest and WWF Royal Rumble. Developed by Retrosoft Studios, the game has shown a lot of promise since its unveiling. The impressive roster so far consists of well-known stars like Zack Sabre Jr, Tommy Dreamer, and teams like the Road Warriors and The Blue World Order. The game was confirmed for a PC release, however, there is now one console that will be getting RetroMania. Partnering with YouTuber RGT 85, Retrosoft studios put together a special announcement video.

That’s right! In keeping with the grand tradition of great 2D wrestling games on Nintendo consoles, RetroMania will be coming to Switch. As RGT 85 points out, there is an obvious scarcity of Pro Wrestling games on Nintendo’s newest console. The only one currently available is WWE 2k18, last year’s version of the highest-selling yearly wrestling game. The Switch version of 2K’s normally praised wrestling series is infamous for performance issues. The game can get to framerates as low as 1 fps in multi-man matches and known for horrendous load times.

To say that a good wrestling game would be welcome on the platform is an understatement. RetroMania’s website lists the following gameplay features at launch:

  • 12 – 16 Unique, distinct playable wrestlers at launch (adding more post launch via DLC)
  • 2-8 player local multiplayer (Online TBD)
  • Several match types, including One-on-One matches, Tag Team matches, and the Battle Royal
  • Ring entrances with entrance music
  • Multiple entrance attires for each wrestler
  • Strategic gameplay that is easy to pick up and play
  • Beautiful 2D pixel art animated sprites with over 700 frames of animation and animated backgrounds
  • Crowd chants that react to the action on screen

​RetroMania will be released sometime in Q1 2020 with updates adding new wrestlers and more to the game. Do you think you’ll give this classic wrestling game a try? If not, are you curious about RetroMania? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Like our Facebook page, and check out all the latest news from Don’t Feed The Gamers:


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