The Sims 4 Tiny House DLC Lets Your Sim’s Home Be Compact and Cozy (VIDEO)

Sims 4 tiny house

Many game series have been known to grow and adapt based on factors related to the real life socio-cultural landscape. Given the series’ setting in what is basically the real world, The Sims series has consistently updated its available in-game offerings based on real life advancements in technology and culture. This has been quite clear in The Sims 4, which thanks to the ability to utilize DLC, has added new features like a smart home assistant to the game. One recent homeowner trend has been the tiny house, and now it seems that the fad will be coming to the game with new The Sims 4 tiny house DLC.

EA and Maxis recently released a trailer for the new Sims 4 tiny house DLC on the official Sims YouTube channel. The new DLC, called the Tiny Living stuff pack, contains the materials needed to construct a tiny house that utilizes less than 100 tiles of space. This also includes furniture needed to make such a compact sized home work, such as Murphy beds that can fold up into a wall.

To relate to the real-life trend of tiny homes seen on numerous home television networks and YouTube channels, new benefits also come with building a tiny house. Considering the reduced energy needed to heat or cool a smaller space, a bill reduction is given to the player. A boost to comfort levels and relationship stats are also given to Sims with a tiny home. While fittingly, this isn’t the biggest update the game has seen, it does show how committed EA and Maxis are to giving Sims 4 players as many options in the game for real estate that there is in real life. After all, who said size matters?

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