the sims 4 paranormal

The Sims 4 Gets Paranormal In The Latest DLC (VIDEO)

Ready to face paranormal activities in The Sims 4? Prepare to meet spooky specters and playful poltergeists in the Paranormal Stuff Pack. Perform seances to communicate with the dead, summon…

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the sims

The Sims Celebrates 20th Anniversary With New Items And Giveaways

It’s been a solid 20 years since The Sims entered the gaming scene with their life simulation series. With a tallied 1.6 billion WooHoos, 173,000 toddlers, 6.9 million vampires created…

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Sims 4 tiny house

The Sims 4 Tiny House DLC Lets Your Sim’s Home Be Compact and Cozy (VIDEO)

Many game series have been known to grow and adapt based on factors related to the real life socio-cultural landscape. Given the series’ setting in what is basically the real…

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the sims 4

The Sims 4 University Pack Officially Revealed (VIDEO)

Eagle-eyed Sims community members saw this coming, but for those not in the know – there’s a university pack heading to The Sims 4. Earlier this week thanks to SimsVIP,…

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Sims developer Maxis

The Sims Developer Is Hiring For A New Live Service IP

The Sims series has attracted numerous hardcore and casual gamers to the life simulation genre of games for nearly two decades. The latest entry in the series, The Sims 4,…

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The Sims 4 Seasons DLC Debuts Heart-Warming New Trailer (VIDEO)

February saw the release of Romantic Garden Stuff that revealed all the love in the air awaiting characters and families along with gorgeous garden decor, flowers and plants aplenty. Then…

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Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile Launches Alongside Featureful New Trailer (VIDEO)

For over eighteen years, The Sims has always been a juggernaut of both popularity and creativity, and that’s what makes its recent release on mobile all the more exciting. The long-running…

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The Sims

Throwback Thursday: The Sims – The Original People Simulator

On February 4, 2000, The Sims was released for PC. The game brought a unique focus for the simulation genre, allowing players to construct and simulate quirky virtual life in…

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new Sims 4 Patch

Hilarious New Sims 4 Patch Notes Have Arrived For The New Year

In a “New Year, New Me” move from Maxis and The Sims Studio, a new Sims 4 patch has been released. The patch notes feature the changes made to bugs…

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A Captivating History Of The Sims Franchise – The Original “Virtual Dollhouse” (VIDEO)

The Sims 4 finally released for consoles yesterday as well as the brand new pets expansion for PC. That’s why one gaming news site decided to create a video to…

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