Telltale Producers Open Up About Their Approach to IP Development – “It Needs to Make Financial Sense”

When it comes to how some companies decide to approach their IP (Intellectual Property), sometimes it’s hard to tell if the voices of fans are being heard. Granted, there is always the behind-the-scenes development that most people outside of media and creators are not aware of. For most video game developers and companies, project growth must usually remain low key. Often it is to avoid unnecessary public critique, harsh judgement and, of course, legal matters to appeal to. During E3 2017, Don’t Feed the Gamers took advantage of the chance to ask Telltale producers questions regarding their IPs – current, past, and future.

Vice president of production David Bowman and executive producer Sean O’Connor were present and were extremely candid about their selection process. “Business is business” as the saying goes and just like any other, Telltale is exactly that. They must prioritize the ideas that make the most “financial sense”. In regards to that financial sense, Bowman had this to say:

There are 382 employees at Telltale. We want to pick IPs that will reward the people working on it. We must choose what will benefit us.”

Minecraft has been one of their most successful projects to date and it reaches out to more than just one demographic. Parents of children find their interests evolving along with it, but that isn’t to say that other series and possibilities are being ignored. It’s quite the opposite, in fact. Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands are just two of some of the most highly requested series that fans have been waiting on news for.

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In answering our inquiries about their progress, Bowman very clearly specified their IP selection process without spoiling any plans. It isn’t a matter of overlooking feedback, since the teams at Telltale would love to continue developing them for the players. As they grow, of course, it is the hope that more IPs will be approached and accomplished – but in order to do so, there must be the interest and the appropriate market size.

This may not be the answer some were hoping for, but if Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands continue in their popularity within the market, then there is no doubt that they could very well be continued in the future. As for series and licenses that have yet to be picked up, the company was extremely tight lipped about any info until official announcements are made. Due to the studio’s unique approach to video game storytelling, there are IP holders going to them for production.

As a studio, we’re already working on exactly what we want to work on. There are slots for plans until 2022.”

According to Telltale producers Bowman and O’Connor, the team is always looking for compelling universes to explore. When discussing what type of story that TellTale seeks to tell, there was one very important factor that they stressed:  “Any universe that has strong characters and ones that you can fall in love with is a candidate,” said Bowman. “But it has to make financial sense.”

So, gamers, what are your thoughts on Telltale producers approach to IP development? Do you think this could point in a positive direction for anticipating fans? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below or start your own conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers official Facebook page. For updates on gaming news 24/7, make sure to follow us on Twitter too! To see a few of our latest, check out the articles below:

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