Bigsnax DLC

Bugsnax New BIGsnax DLC Inspired By Jurassic Park 2

With the new generation of gaming consoles, there has been a variety of new game experiences that celebrate the new hardware. One such new title has been Bugsnax, which was…

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Bugsnax: Isle of BIGsnax

Bugsnax: Isle of BIGsnax Update Introduces Giant Bugsnax, New Biome

Known amongst fans for its bizarre sentient food premise, the loveable little critter-filled island of Bugsnax is now confirmed to get a decidedly big update after months of teases. Announced…

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Bugsnax Devs

Bugsnax Devs Tease Steam Release, “Juicy Surprises For 2021”

The PlayStation 5 has so far had a successful first year of its existence, with that success largely being owed to its exclusive games. One such game exclusive to the…

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Bugsnax Dev

Bugsnax Dev Teases More Content – “We’re Definitely Not Done”

With the next-generation of video game consoles up and running, owners of these new consoles are looking to any new next-gen experience that they can find. One popular title that…

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Bugsnax Creatures

Bugsnax Creatures Turned Into Real-World Snacks By Fan (VIDEO)

The PlayStation 5 has finally released, ringing in the new generation of video gaming, alongside the Xbox Series X. PS5 owners have been eager to see the capabilities of the…

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Bugsnax Review Round-Up (VIDEO)

While not one of the most dazzling games offered by next-generation consoles, Young Horses’ Bugsnax has nonetheless become a standout for its colorful atmosphere and bizarre central premise of food-animal hybrids. The…

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Bugsnax Release Date

Bugsnax Has Gone Gold, Release Date Set For Next Month

Young Horses revealed Bugsnax earlier this year, and ever since then, people have indeed been talking about them. From the game’s intriguing premise to its catchy theme song, gamers around…

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New Bugsnax Gameplay, Story Details Revealed (VIDEO)

Of the many games revealed for next-gen systems, one of the more memorable has proven to be the quirky adventure title Bugsnax. Created by Octodad studio Young Horses, everything from…

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bugsnax bioshock

Bugsnax Director Compares Game To BioShock (VIDEO)

Though there were quite a few games from Sony’s PS5 showcase that are worthy of hype, one particular title has proven to be a standout of the presentation – the…

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Bugsnax Revealed As New Title From Octodad Creators (VIDEO)

During Sony’s PlayStation 5 games lineup and console reveal, there were a bounty of titles shown off from indie adventures to games that will push the limitations of the console…

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