Bugsnax Dev Teases More Content – “We’re Definitely Not Done”

Bugsnax Dev

With the next-generation of video game consoles up and running, owners of these new consoles are looking to any new next-gen experience that they can find. One popular title that PlayStation 5 owners have been trying out has been Bugsnax, which many were able to enjoy as the first PS5 game available for players through PS Plus. The quirky little game has won over critics and players alike with its cute characters and humorous puns. As it is not the biggest game, its single player campaign ended a bit unexpectedly. Now, the Bugsnax dev has expressed the intent to release more Bugsnax content in the future. Note: Spoilers ahead for Bugsnax’s story

Bugsnax Dev

Bugsnax Senior Creative Director Kevin Zuhn recently spoke with Kotaku about the development for Bugsnax, and what might lie in the franchise’s future. Zuhn specifically acknowledges the somewhat cliffhanger of an ending that implies the character Snorpy should have been listened to more closely. According to the Bugsnax dev, it seems that this is not meant to be the definitive end of the story, and to have a critical ear towards all the Bugsnax characters, saying:

You should take what Snorpy says with a big grain of salt, because like all the characters in this story, he is only ever half-right. We’re still figuring out what exactly we want to do post-release, but we’re definitely not done working on Bugsnax yet. I know I’d hate to leave that plot thread hanging forever!”

The Bugsnax dev does not specifically say whether this would mean additional DLC for the game is coming, or if this would pertain to a fully-fledged sequel, but nonetheless, this will spark hopes for those wishing to return to Snaktooth Island. In the interview, Zuhn also suggests that the game would’ve originally featured a darker ending where the Grumpuses turned out to be zombies that ate each other and then the player, but thankfully the game nixed this and moved towards a lighter tone. This is a relief, because who knows if we would’ve had such cute creatures as Fryders and Weenyworms. Hopefully more content comes soon so we can have Avocado toast-themed creatures that make the player go bankrupt.

Do you guys want the Bugsnax dev to release more Bugsnax content in the future? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Bugsnax news, such as the real life culinary Bugsnax creature creations that one fans has cooked up, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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