VR games

Marvel’s Senior V.P. Says Expect Some Amazing VR Games in the Future

As if Marvel fans needed even more upcoming video games to be excited about, now it has been confirmed there will be future VR titles that are already in the…

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Ghostbusters PSVR

Surprise Ghostbusters PSVR Game Launches – First Trailer Revealed (VIDEO)

If you think Ghostbusters PSVR video games have been in short supply, you needn’t worry any longer. What appears to be a complete surprise, Sony and CreateVR have released Ghostbusters VR:…

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Bethesda Has 5 More Projects Currently Underway, Including Two “Bigger” Games

At this time, there are 7 projects currently underway within the Bethesda Game Studios – two of which have been officially announced. During E3 2016, the company disclosed information regarding…

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Fallout 4 VR

Bethesda’s Todd Howard Promises Fallout 4 VR is “The Whole Game”

If you’re a fan of Bethesda’s hit title Fallout 4, your wait for more incredible game play is coming close to an end at last. After the title beat out…

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Miyamoto from Nintendo Voices His Concerns About Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality is taking the gaming world by storm and has gained traction exponentially not just with gamers, but in other fields of science and entertainment. PlayStation, Xbox, PC –…

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Behind the Scenes of ARK PARK, a Virtual Reality Experience (VIDEO)

Chances are at this point you’ve heard of, played, or at least seen clips of Ark: Survival Evolved: a somewhat newer survival game that lets players explore and survive in a…

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Blood Candle

Blood Candle by Resident Evil Creates More Immersive VR Experience

The smell of blood lust is in the air and it has “notes of old timber, leather.” Say what? Lo and behold, Smellivision isn’t here yet. However, Resident Evil has taken it upon…

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ARK Developer Jeremy Stieglitz Talks Virtual Reality with Xbox Project Scorpio

In June 2013, Microsoft released a video announcing Project Scorpio and all the promises that will be coming with the next best thing in console gaming. ‘No compromises’ was the…

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Cerevo’s Tactile Shoes Allow Users to Experience Textures and Movement in Virtual Reality

Before we all know it, there will be a full body suit for retail purchase – if you want a full immersive VR experience, that is. Personally, having to lug on…

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Ark Park

ARK Park – Walk With Dinos In Upcoming VR Experience! (VIDEO)

Welcome to Jurassic Park! Alright that’s probably copyright infringement, so we can’t actually say that, but this is definitely the closest we’ll ever get to experiencing such an awe-inspiring theme…

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