Superhot VR Has Been Released for the Oculus! (VIDEO)

Superhot, the wildly successful FPS where time moves only when you move, has now released a VR version for the Oculus. Currently being sold as part of the Oculus Touch launch bundle,…

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Xbox One Streaming Soon to be Compatible With Oculus Rift

With the ever growing popularity of Virtual Reality (VR) gaming interfaces such as the Oculus Rift, the development teams at Microsoft have officially taken steps to keep Xbox gaming on…

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conan VR

Hilarious Video of Conan O’ Brien Trying VR is the Best Thing You’ll Watch All Day!

Conan visited the YouTube headquarters in Chelsea, NY to meet with the head of the VR (virtual reality) department, Tom Small, in order to try out their VR firsthand. Conan…

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PlayStation VR “One of The Best Inventions of 2016” According to Time Magazine

Time Magazine recently released their annual best tech of the year list and Sony’s PlayStation VR has landed a spot on the unranked registry. The company describes Sony’s VR as “The…

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HTC Vive Receives a Wireless Upgrade Kit – Sells Out in Minutes

On November 10th, HTC and TPCAST announced a wireless accessory kit was available for pre-order for the HTC Vive. The sale went live at 7 A.M. Pacific the next day,…

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Oculus Rift Just Got Even More Accessible – Hardware Adjustments To Accommodate More PCs

Virtual Reality is as big as it is exciting. It has been an idea that provided a backbone to many sci-fi movies and now that idea has transitioned into something…

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Virtual Reality – Now a Place to Hang with Friends?

Sorry, Doc Brown (Back to the Future) – 2015 didn’t provide those self-drying jackets, flying cars, or cool hoverboards (well, at least not the good ones) like you thought we’d eventually…

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PlayStation VR Compatible with PC and Xbox One … Sort of.

Console gaming has taken a leap into the future this week with the release of PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality). Aimed to immerse gamers even further into their gaming experiences, PlayStation…

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Sony Rolls Out Their Virtual Reality Experience – Expects Big Turnout

With the gift giving season just around the corner, Sony is prepping for another big release in the gaming industry: PlayStation VR. Previously titled Project Morpheus, Sony is expecting a…

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