Loot Rains From Above – Free Overwatch Loot Boxes for Twitch Prime Members

In a brand new partnership between Twitch and Overwatch, Twitch Prime users will be able to reap the benefits with free Blizzard loot! The newly cemented alliance comes bearing gifts…

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Battlefield Streamer

EA Play Concludes With Battlefield Streamer Proposing to Girlfriend (VIDEO)

EA Play had a lot of surprises yesterday. With the announcement of two new IPs, a cinematic story mode in Madden 18, and all of the Battlefront 2 coverage, it…

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Next Twitch Prime Game “Gone Home” Now Available for Free Download (VIDEO)

Another Twitch Prime game is now available for free download from June 1st until June 7th. For those of whom are new to free loot on Twitch, any person with an…

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Titan Souls

Titan Souls Now Available Free for Amazon/Twitch Prime Members (VIDEO)

Amazon is once again making it even more enticing to purchase a subscription to their premium service, Amazon Prime. They’re offering the occasional free game through Twitch, which they purchased back in…

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A New Twitch Marathon Will Host the Cherished Mister Rogers Neighborhood TV Show

There are very few things and people in the world most people seem to agree on. First came Bob Ross’, the happy tree painting extraordinaire, and next on the list…

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Twitch Donations

Man Depletes Family Life Savings on Twitch Donations – Completely Broke

The Twitch donations feature has given streamers a chance to turn a passion into a dream job. Entertaining the masses at the helm of their keyboard or controller while awaiting…

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New Game Available for Free Download for Twitch/Amazon Prime Members

Once again, another game is now free and available for download to those who are Amazon Prime members and attached the account to their Twitch. Created and developed by Cardboard…

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Twitch Game Sales are Now Available, Featuring Rewards and “Twitch Crate” Offers

Back in February, Twitch officially announced a new system that would allow viewers to purchase digital copies of a game via the website. Partnered streamers and developers will receive a share…

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Dungeons & Dragons Beyond

“Go Beyond Pen and Paper” with Official Dungeons & Dragons Companion App (VIDEO)

Dungeons & Dragons is arguably the most popular tabletop RPG of all time. This pen and paper, dice based system of play has been entertaining players for decades and has been…

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Twitch Desktop App Announced with Open Beta Coming Soon

Since Twitch’s acquisition of the Curse group chatting and communication application, the team have been hard at work tweaking and reinventing it into the Twitch desktop app it is today….

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