Speedrunner Earns All Original Dark Souls Achievements in 4 Hours (VIDEO)

Dark Souls Achievements

One of the biggest gaming fixations to arise from the world of livestreaming in recent years has been in the realm of speedrunning. The advent of sites like Twitch have made way for a community of skilled gamers and passionate spectators to marvel at swift playthroughs of games with record times that would have to be witnessed to be believed. Speedrunning communities have also shown their worth by coming together to raise money for charitable causes greatly in need. Now, one speedrunner has greatly conquered a notoriously difficult game in a notable way, by earning all Dark Souls achievements in four hours.

Twitch user NaxHPL has uploaded their impressive playthrough of the original Dark Souls game on their Twitch channel. NaxHPL’s time of 3:57:29 is now the record for Dark Souls, as it beats the previous record time to obtain all of the game’s achievements in a single playthrough, 4:02:01. A significant amount of the time spent in this playthrough involved farming for the best weapons of each element (immensely assisted with glitches and skips), securing every spell and joining every covenant. Any Dark Souls player who watches this spectacular speedrun will surely find their Dark Souls skills quite inferior by comparison.


Even though the original Dark Souls has had its presence in gamer and speedrunning culture largely overshadowed by the second and third games in the series, it appears that the passion and fervor for the first entry and its notorious difficulty is still quite alive and well. What do you guys think about NaxHPL’s Dark Souls achievements earning record? Let us know in the comments below!

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