Detective Pikachu Casting

Deadpool Actor Cast As Detective Pikachu Over Danny Devito, Internet Freaks Out

A recent Detective Pikachu casting revealed that Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds would be playing the titular character, though it seems many fans are not happy with this decision. Detective Pikachu was…

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Permanent Pokémon Cafe

A Permanent Pokemon Cafe Is Heading To Japan Next Year

The Pokemon series has now been around for over twenty years, and it shows no sign of slowing down its reign as a pop culture juggernaut. Pokemon Go is still…

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Pokemon GO Halloween Event Includes A Surprise Witch Hat Pichu and More (VIDEO)

Niantic announced the latest event for their hit mobile game and it already has hidden surprises for players in store. Trainers have been discovering small surprised in their eggs during…

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Detective Pikachu Movie

Live-Action Detective Pikachu Movie Begins Production Next Year

With the success of their previous animated films, and the cultural ubiquity that Pokémon Go earned the franchise last year, many have been wondering when, or even if, a live-action…

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Pokemon Switch

Pokemon CEO Didn’t Think the Nintendo Switch Would be a Success – “I Was Wrong”

Since the Switch’s release, fans have been clamoring for popular titles typically available on Nintendo consoles. Chiefly among them is, of course, a Pokemon Switch title. Those who love the…

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A Mysterious and Cryptic Pokemon Teaser Hints at Alien Themed Content Coming Soon (VIDEO)

An extremely ambiguous teaser was released by Pokemon Japan recently, offering players more questions than answers. Although, a little bit of data-mining doesn’t hurt. The cover of the video is…

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An All New Pokemon Mobile Game is Now Available for iOS and Android (VIDEO)

Involving arguably one of the most useless yet eventually useful creatures in the Pokemon world has to be Magikarp. Well, this iconic character is flopping into the spotlight with a Pokemon mobile…

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New Third Party Pokémon Go App Allows Players to Identify Pokémon Locations

Pokémon Go can be rather tedious when most players have to go around and guess where a specific one might be. It takes a lot of lucky intuition and patience –…

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Marshadow Officially Announced as the Next Mythical Pokemon for Sun and Moon (VIDEO)

The next, new mythical little monster to make it to Pokemon Sun and Moon is adorable and it goes by the name of Marshadow! While many Pokemon fans have known…

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pokemon sun moon ban hammer

Cheaters Never Win – Over 7,000 Pokémon Sun and Moon Players Banned Worldwide

It wasn’t too long ago when the Pokémon Company first swung its mighty ban hammer and squashed the numerous sneaky players trying to gain the upper hand in Pokémon Sun…

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