Tons Of Pokemon Go Shiny Variants Coming Soon, Over One Hundred Being Added

Pokemon Go Shiny

More than a year and a half into its existence, the team at Niantic Inc. is still providing the hit mobile augmented reality phenomenon with significant content to keep players returning. The game finally brought Mew into the game recently and provided adorable 8-bit versions of all the Pokemon for April Fools week. Now, it seems like players looking for a new challenge may have plenty to keep them occupied for a great while. Dataminers have been searching throughout the new additions to the game, and it seems that they have discovered that a bunch of Pokemon Go shiny variants will be coming soon.

Dataminers have shared their new findings on a Reddit post, detailing new assets discovered in code recently added to the game. They state that they found 3D models for a shiny variant of every single original 151 Kanto region Pokemon. Even though the game recently added the 8-bit versions for April Fools, they were recently reverted back to the pre-existing 3D models. Subsequently, many noticed that the sprites in the update changed too, which has been known to lead to a new shiny variant for a Pokemon in the past being added to the game.

Furthermore, a special generation 1 event has been announced for Pokemon Go that will start on April 10th, but it has not been confirmed if all or even any of these shiny versions will be released during this event. Still, for those looking for a new challenge related to the original Kanto Pokemon, it seems like now they might just have an excuse to “catch ’em all” again.

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