Nioh 2

Nioh 2 Footage Revealed Ahead of Closed Alpha (VIDEO)

The Nioh franchise runs in a similar vein to Dark Souls, Bloodbourne, or even Sekiro: shadows Die Twice with its hack and slash combat against dangerous foes. The developers of…

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Characters Revealed By Merch Designs

It has been quite an eventful few months for Marvel fans, both in films and video games. The Marvel Cinematic Universe released both Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, marking the…

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 MCU-Inspired Gameplay Revealed (VIDEO)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 MCU-Inspired Gameplay Revealed (VIDEO)

The massive comic book character expanse of the Marvel universe is assembling for yet another time for the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, this time exclusively for…

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Nioh 2 And More Reveals Planned By Koei Tecmo In 2019

Earlier this year, Koei Tecmo revealed Nioh 2 during E3 2018, the sequel to the titular original game that released in 2017. This action-RPG set in the warring period of…

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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Receives FFXV's Insomnia Stage, Coming Soon (VIDEO)

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Receives FFXV’s Insomnia Stage, Coming Soon (VIDEO)

Square Enix’s Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is host to a countless number of iconic Final Fantasy heroes and villains, with tons of familiar battlegrounds for the opposing sides to do…

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New Dead Or Alive 6 Trailer Pits Rig Against New Fighter Diego (VIDEO)

Dead Or Alive 6 Trailer Pits Rig Against New Fighter Diego (VIDEO)

Just two months ago, Koei Tecmo Games and Team Ninja announced that Dead Or Alive 6 is in development, featuring many of the core mechanics of the series, blended with…

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Nioh 2 Will Feature Character Creation, Improved Balance Issues, And More

Nioh 2 was revealed during E3 this year with a cinematic trailer that involved demons and demon horns being shoved into a man’s face. As to who, no one knows…

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NioH 2

NioH 2 Revealed With New Trailer At Sony’s E3 Presentation (VIDEO)

Sony has revealed NioH 2, a sequel to the wildly popular first title from Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja. With its first release last year selling over a million copies…

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Dead or Alive 6

Dead Or Alive 6 Announced With New Trailer, More Info Coming Soon (VIDEO)

Fans have been enjoying the excitement of fighting game Dead or Alive since 1996. Now, over 20 years later, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have released an announcement trailer for the…

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Nioh Has Officially Sold Over 2 Million Copies Worldwide

If you liked Ninja Gaiden and loved Dark Souls, chances are you dug the hell out of Nioh. Well, good news – you aren’t alone! In fact, you’d be joined…

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