SNES Nintendo Switch Controllers

8bitdo Announces Release Date for SNES Nintendo Switch Controllers, Open for Pre-Orders Now

While some Nintendo fans will soon be able to take a nostalgic trip back to the ’90s with next week’s release of the Super NES Classic Edition, their current home/portable…

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Star Fox 2 manual

Nintendo Releases Star Fox 2 Manual Complete With New Artwork

The prospect alone of a SNES Classic existing already excited Nintendo fans already crazed over the NES Classic, but the addition of Star Fox 2, the long-lost sequel of the…

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Street Fighter II SNES cartridge

Retailer Warns Street Fighter II Anniversary SNES Cartridge Could “Overheat or Catch Fire”

Though Street Fighter V’s DLC game is currently going strong, it is occasionally nice to take a nostalgia trip back in time and play the earlier games in the series,…

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Secret of Mana 3D Remake is Coming to PS4 and PS Vita in Early 2018 (VIDEO)

A classic RPG made famous on the SNES is making a comeback on a modern gaming platform and it has been toted as “one of the greatest RPGs of all time”….

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SNES Classic Features Shown Off in Nostalgic New Ad – Includes Rewind Ability (VIDEO)

SNES Classic Features Shown Off in Nostalgic New Ad – Includes Rewind Ability (VIDEO)

The SNES Classic Edition has not even been released and the retro microconsole has already sold out nearly everywhere on the web. The system’s wide appeal among gamers is likely…

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SNES Classic Edition Pre-Ordering

Nintendo Confirms SNES Classic Edition Pre-Ordering For Later This Month

Nintendo fans have been vigilantly scouting the internet for news on the availability of the SNES Classic Edition ever since the nostalgic device’s existence was confirmed by Nintendo in late…

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Abandoned SNES Rayman Prototype Has Been Released Online (VIDEO)

For those who enjoy a good SNES classic title, an exciting new development has been revealed online. Recently, a leaked prototype of an abandoned SNES version of Rayman was uploaded by…

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nintendo 3ds xl

“Significantly More” SNES Classics Will Be Available for Purchase – But There’s a Catch

If you’re a gamer, chances are you remember the NES Classic Edition tragedy of 2016. A moment of silence for those lost souls that fell into the scalper’s trap by…

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Nintendo Switch SNES

Nintendo Switch SNES Inspired Controllers Releasing Later This Year

Given the more unique and multi-faceted aspects of Nintendo’s controller designs and game library variety on its platforms, their consoles have often been a hub for third party companies to…

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Remastered SNES Game Wild Guns: Reloaded Headed to PC This Year (VIDEO)

A remake of Natsume Incorporated classic Super NES game, Wild Guns Reloaded, will be coming to PC for digital download this year via Steam. It’s a science fiction shooting gallery game…

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