Nintendo Switch SNES Inspired Controllers Releasing Later This Year

Nintendo Switch SNES

Given the more unique and multi-faceted aspects of Nintendo’s controller designs and game library variety on its platforms, their consoles have often been a hub for third party companies to release their own versions of Nintendo system-compatible controllers. Also common among Nintendo platforms is an affinity for Nintendo’s history being presented in some fashion with Nintendo’s current hardware, be it by fans, third party companies, or even Nintendo themselves. As fans ready themselves for the Switch to receive a Virtual Console market filled with NES and SNES games, one company is readying a Nintendo Switch SNES-style controller to work with the hybrid home/portable console.

Nintendo Switch SNES

8bitdo has posted on their website information about their new SNES and Super Famicom inspired controllers, the SNES30 and the SFC30, that will be available later this year for use with the Nintendo Switch. Both controllers are meant to work in place of a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and feature Bluetooth, motion controls, player indicator LEDs, rumble vibration and USB-C. Aside from adding two analog sticks at the bottom of the controller, the SNES30 and the SFC30 match the original SNES and Super Famicom button layouts and color schemes quite closely. These controllers will also work on PCs and mobile devices when they release next winter.

For Switch owners looking for a controller reminiscent of other retro platforms, 8bitdo also has an arcade stick controller, their NES30 arcade stick will make playing the likes of Ultra Street Fighter II on the Switch much more authentic. Are you guys going to pick up 8bitdo’s Nintendo Switch SNES controller? What retro controller would you like to see return for the Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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