project sonic 2017

Project Sonic 2017 Receives Official Title & Gameplay Trailer, Sonic Mania Pushed Back (VIDEO)

Sonic is coming back in a big way as part of its 25th anniversary celebration. This year we’ll see the cobalt comet race to release in two games, the throwback…

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Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War III Release Date Announced

Recently, SEGA and company announced an official release date for the real-strategy game Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War III. The franchise is being developer by Relic Entertainment based on Games…

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Shenmue HD Remasters

Shenmue HD Remasters for 1 and 2 May Arrive to PC this Year

Word on the street is the Shenmue HD Remasters for 1 and 2 will arrive to PC later this year. More than likely, they will be released simultaneously in order to preface the…

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Huge Total War: Warhammer DLC Pack Drops Next Week – Bretonnia Faction Introduced (VIDEO)

Sega is releasing a huge DLC pack for its Action/Strategy game Total War: Warhammer.  Since the game’s debut back in May 2016, developer Creative Assembly has released several different DLC…

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Warhammer 40k

Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War III – Prophecy of War Releases New Trailer (VIDEO)

If you are a fan of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40K, specifically the digitized video game versions, then chances are you probably got pretty excited when Sega Games and Relic Entertainment…

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Sega Powers Up Spotify with Classic Game Soundtracks

If you are a nostalgic gamer or just fan of retro games specifically from Sega, we’ve got excellent news for you. Just recently, Sega uploaded a massive library packed full…

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SEGA Registers Domain Names for a Shenmue Remaster and HD

Who remembers the epic open-world adventure, Shenmue? Arguably, the greatest title ever released on the SEGA Dreamcast. For years fans have been hoping for an HD remaster of the popular game and…

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Valkyria Revolution

Valkyria Revolution Coming to Xbox One, in Addition to PS4 and Vita

The Valkyria series has captivated its fans for almost a decade now, and now the latest entry is looking to shake things up. The turn-based strategy system that the Valkyria…

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Altered Beast

Altered Beast, Streets of Rage Adaptations Are On The Way

The executive producers of The Walking Dead are exploring live-action adaptations of the Sega arcade classics Streets of Rage and Altered Beast. Circle of Confusion, the production company behind the…

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First Look at Yakuza 6 Trailer From Playstation Experience (Video)

We haven’t seen an addition to Sega’s Yakuza series since Yakuza 5 on the Playstation 3. In the past, the west has had to wait much longer to get an…

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