Project Sonic 2017 Receives Official Title & Gameplay Trailer, Sonic Mania Pushed Back (VIDEO)

project sonic 2017

Sonic is coming back in a big way as part of its 25th anniversary celebration. This year we’ll see the cobalt comet race to release in two games, the throwback Sonic Mania, and a modern-style game known only as “Project Sonic 2017”. Recently at the media festival South by Southwest, presenters from Sega and Sonic Team spoke about the two games and a few things we can expect from the titles moving forward.

Sonic Mania, originally set to release this spring, was announced at their panel to have been pushed back to the summer. No concrete release date or specific reason for the delay was issued, but Sega’s teases of new enemies and a return of the Flying Battery Zone level from Sonic & Knuckles may suggest that more time is needed to finish the game. Pre-order bonuses for Sonic Mania as well as a collector’s edition vinyl album for Mania‘s soundtrack were also teased.

sonic mania project sonic 2017

Mania didn’t steal all of the spotlight. Project Sonic 2017 also got a new, more pronounceable name and will officially be called Sonic Forces. No, it’s not a Star Wars crossover game (though, that’d be rad). “Forces” refers to the alliances of good and evil that will be at odds in the game’s story. The new-generation game is set to come out later this year and run on the newly built and appropriately named Hedgehog Engine 2. Gameplay will largely consist of the alternating classic 2D and new-school 3D platforming previously explored in Sonic Generations. A clip of Sonic Forces appeared online after conclusion of the SXSW panel, which you can view below:

Are you excited about playing the retro stylings of Sonic Mania? Or are you more in love with Sonic Forces‘ modern sensibilities? Not a fan of the blue speed demon? Hopefully Sonic Forces you to rethink your opinion. Whatever your thoughts, let us know in the comments and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for 25/8 gamertainment news. You can also check out our official Disqus channel if you love talking about video games / making puns as much as we do. For more on the topic of throwback games, check out these links below:

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