New Rocksteady Studios

Motion Capture For New Rocksteady Studios Game Teased

The Batman: Arkham games proved to be one of the most surprising successes in the previous generation of console gaming, and the history of games using a licensed property. Batman:…

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Rocksteady Superman Rumors

Rumors Of Rocksteady Studio’s Superman Game Dismissed

Not long ago, a rumor spawned from the depths of the internet claiming a Superman game was in the works by Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady Studio. The unconfirmed title was…

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Superman Game Soon

RUMOR: Batman Arkham Developer To Announce Superman Game Very Soon

Having definitively put the Batman Arkham games to bed, Rocksteady Studios has left fans wondering what the developer has planned for the future. The most recent project under their belt…

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Arkham Knight Statue Costs $900 (GALLERY)

This Batman Beyond Inspired Arkham Knight Statue Costs $900 (GALLERY)

A number of years have passed since Rocksteady Studios‘ Batman: Arkham Knight was released, but Prime 1 Studio hasn’t given up on the caped crusader yet. The merchandise-maker has produced a brand new…

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Batman Arkham Series is Done – "Sorry" (VIDEO)

Kevin Conroy Confirms the Batman Arkham Series is Done – “Sorry” (VIDEO)

Ever since the Batman Arkham franchise began with Arkham Asylum, the series has found great success and has since spawned several follow-up titles and numerous tie-in media. The latest game…

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batman arkham vr cowl

Batman: Arkham VR Coming to PC Later This Month, New Trailer Released (VIDEO)

Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham series was brought into the virtual reality dimension last October as a PlayStation VR launch title. For the first time, players could experience a classic detective story from…

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