Batman: Arkham Knight Zur En Arrh

Batman: Arkham Knight Releases Two Free Skins In Suprise Update

The Batman Arkham series has long been dormant since 2015’s Arkham Knight and the title has not received any kind of updates for several years at this point. However, thanks…

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Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League playable characters

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Playable Characters Confirmed

During DC FanDome, fans were finally treated to a look at what Rocksteady Studios has been working on for some time. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League looks to be…

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Suicide Squad Game Kill The justice League

Suicide Squad Game ‘Kill The Justice League’ Officially Revealed (VIDEO)

DC games are seemingly raining from the sky on this particular day as Warner Bros. has taken the opportunity to reveal two AAA games at this weekend’s DC FanDome event….

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DC FanDome

DC FanDome Splits Into Two Events To Avoid Panel Overlap

DC Comics has been hyping up its DC FanDome digital event for a while now. The online fest has been confirmed to hold major updates and announcements for DC Comics…

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Warner Bros Suicide Squad Rocksteady Superman

Warner Bros. Might Not Sell Rocksteady, NetherRealm – For Now

Warner Bros. as a company holds quite the impressive collection of properties, with the high-profile likes of NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat and Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham series gracing its gaming division alone….

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Warner Bros Interactive

Warner Bros Interactive Studios – Including NetherRealm And Rocksteady – May Be Up For Sale

There are several large titans of the gaming industry, but one that came into their own the past generation or two has been Warner Bros Interactive. The video game arm…

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Rocksteady Studios E3 2019

Rocksteady Studios Won’t Be At E3

Now that this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is just days away, fans are speculating more than ever. There have been plenty of rumors and leaks so far regarding what will…

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DC Game Rocksteady

New DC Game Called Outlaws Reportedly Leaks, Full Reveal Coming This Week

Rocksteady Studios has been keeping their next project under lock and key, which has led to a considerable amount of speculation as to what it could be. Many rumors and…

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Suicide Squad Game Rumored To Be Rocksteady's Next Project

Suicide Squad Game Rumored To Be Rocksteady’s Next Project

For quite a while, the next project from Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady Studios has been a heavy subject of speculation, especially as the studio has often hinted they’re working on…

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WB Games DC FanDome Batman

New Batman Game Rumors Ignite Once More With ‘Batman: Arkham Crisis’

The Arkham series was an incredible addition to the Batman franchise, placing players in the boots of the Dark Knight over the course of an incredible story line filled with…

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