Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Gameplay Trailer Battles The Flash

Kill the Justice League Gameplay Suicide Squad The Flash

Warner Bros. holds one of the biggest collections of intellectual properties of any company, with WB’s crown jewel these days being the DC Comics universe. The comic book realm has especially been fruitful in the world of video games, with the likes of Injustice and the Batman Arkham series being especially successful. Rocksteady Studios has been promising a solid Suicide Squad game, though only the story and cinematic parts had been revealed so far. Now, Warner Bros. has finally revealed the first Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League gameplay trailer, and it certainly looks like a blast.

Warner Bros. has released the first Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League trailer on the game’s official YouTube channel, after having had its first premiere at The Game Awards 2021. The trailer opens with Captain Boomerang recording a front-facing selfie video, but not before the corrupted version of The Flash interrupts the recording. It appears that Brainiac has taken control of the speedster and Amanda Waller has ordered the team of ex-villains to defeat him. While still under Brainiac’s control, the Flash still has his snarky, quippy persona.

Kill the Justice league gameplay

The Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League gameplay trailer shows off how the third-person action will function in the game. Each of the four main team members controls fairly similarly with their gunplay, but differ in special abilities. Harley Quinn is seen swinging around with agility, while King Shark uses his brute strength to attack multiple enemies at once with powerful moves. Captain Boomerang appears to have some super-speed capabilities, while Deadshot has a hover pack that allows him to fly. The gameplay certainly looks bright and colorful, much like the new Suicide Squad film by James Gunn. It certainly seems that DC is taking the right direction for the team of villains. Now that’s a ride-or-die team to be on.

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