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New Pokemon Go Holiday Event Starts on the 25th

A new Pokemon Go Christmas event has begun today, in conjunction with the current Christmas event where you can find Festive Pikachu. This new event is available until January 3rd,…

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Fan Made Pokemon Prism Receives Takedown Notice from Nintendo

It seems this year has seen a lot of fan-made projects shot down. Our recent report on DOOM Roguelike, and the fall of a previous fan-made Pokemon game “Pokemon Uranium”,…

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christmas gifts

DFTG’s Top Picks for Geeky Holiday Gifts for Gamers on a Budget

Oh no! It is the holiday season and a week until Christmas and you still haven’t found the perfect gift for those special people in your life? Well if they…

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Pacific Rim kaiju

‘Godzilla’ and ‘Pacific Rim’ Sequels Have Official Titles

Godzilla and Pacific Rim have provided excellent movie-going experiences and exciting takes on the giant monster genre. So popular are these films that sequels for both will be stomping into theaters in the…

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First Teaser For The New Pokémon Movie Takes Us Back To The Start

The first Pokémon episode aired in Japan in 1997, since then we’ve seen the release of 19 animated movies from the franchise. Coinciding with the properties 20th anniversary in 2017…

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Project Field

Sony Wants to Take Trading Card Games to the Next Level with Project Field

The tech giants, Sony, have announced a new system of hardware aimed at trading card games (TCG). Project Field is the next step in the evolution of card games, such as Pokémon….

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Pokémon Go Partners up with Sprint and Starbucks this Month!

Last week, Pokémon Go partnered up with Sprint to bring new experiences for players around the United States. It will be in collaboration with physical Boost Mobile, Sprint, and Radioshack…

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Build-A-Bear Now Offering an Adorable Charmander – More Pokemon Line-Up

Build-A-Bear Workshop has added Charmander to its collection of overly cute plushies. One thing we can promise, this fire-type Pokémon sure is heartwarming. Ever wanted to channel your inner Pokémon trainer and…

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New Pokémon Movie ‘Detective Pikachu’ Finds Direction with Goosebumps Director

Earlier this year, Pokémon announced a live-action movie called ‘Detective Pikachu’  based on the video game released in February 2016. With Pikachu, brandishing an extremely deep voice in the Japanese trailer…

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Global Mission Challenges Players to Catch 100 Million Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon players around the world are embarking in a new challenge when playing Pokemon Sun and Moon. The online event is going on now and will continue until December 13th. So what’s…

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