Russian Pokémon Go Player Could Face 3 1/2 Years in Prison for Playing in Church

Russian Pokémon Go

The global frenzy that Pokémon Go yielded when it first arrived last year has more or less died down, but Niantic Labs still has plans to provide support for the game as the impact that the app has had on society is still being seen in the ongoing ripples in the waters of culture. We heard many stories last year of strange interactions had by players of the title, but one such event could severely affect one unlucky man. Russian Pokémon Go player and blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky could face up to three and a half years in prison for the heinous crime of playing Pokémon Go in church.

The most recent update to this story has been reported this past week on Sora News 24, stating that the 3.5 year prison sentence for Sokolovsky has been suggested by prosecutors in the case. The Russian blogger posted the video seen above last August, during the height of Pokémon Go hype, in response to a news report that stated playing the app in a Russian Orthodox church could lead to a heavy fine and/or three years in prison. Sokolovsky has since been held in pre-trial detention, aside from a short period of house arrest, where he was unable to use a telephone or the Internet.

Sokolovsky has now been charged with “incitement to hatred and attacks on the liberty of faith”, a charge often tied to public commentary/criticism pointed towards the church or Russian government, as seen with the charges faced by the band Pussy Riot a few years ago. The final verdict for Sokolovsky is set to be delivered on May 11th. While the maximum punishment was set to seven and a half years, prosecutors decided on the aforementioned three and a half year sentence. It certainly would be a shame to see such a harsh punishment for a crime as silly as this, but perhaps Pokémon players can smuggle an escape rope in a cake for Sokolovsky after his possible imprisonment begins.

What do you guys think about this Russian Pokémon Go player? Do you think this sentence is too extreme? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Pokémon Go news, such as the new third party app that lets you know where to find certain Pokémon, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers. Follow us on Twitter to see updates the minute they go live!

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