Cheaters Never Win – Over 7,000 Pokémon Sun and Moon Players Banned Worldwide

pokemon sun moon ban hammer

It wasn’t too long ago when the Pokémon Company first swung its mighty ban hammer and squashed the numerous sneaky players trying to gain the upper hand in Pokémon Sun & Moon with altered saves. These methods typically consist of hacks and modifications to game info like items and trainer information. Among the purged were nearly 6,000 deceitful cheaters, all permanently blocked from using the game’s online Global Link feature, which is essential in the quest to 100% complete a player’s Pokédex. Recently, it looks as though the Nintendo game has gotten into the spirit of spring cleaning, and unleashed the ban-osaurus rex for a second time.

In an update to the original Japanese Global Link announcement, an additional 7,651 cheaters were barred from accessing Pokémon Sun & Moon‘s web-based modes for using “illegal save data”, bringing the total number of names on the wall of shame to well over 13,000. The thousands-large shady mob will now be greeted by an annoying error message whenever they try to initiate any internet features, followed by a crushing feeling of regret.

pokemon sun moon cheaters banned error message

The Pokémon Company has no intention of backing down their crackdown any time soon, with the game maker issuing a warning that players continuing to use cheat methods in their titles will be abruptly and irreversibly banned. The company’s harsh stance on game hacks has been pretty transparent for years, with over 1,500 players getting restricted in 2013 for similar reasons following Pokemon X & Y‘s launch. If problems escalate, it wouldn’t be surprising if additional modes could be rendered useless as a form of punishment, possibly with even more annoying error messages.

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