Couple Get Married After Meeting On Diablo III – Full on Cosplay in Epic Photoshoot (VIDEO)

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We often hear stories about couples meeting online through games. You always here those “perfect love stories”; Player 1 plays game, Player 2 plays same game. Player 1 meets Player 2. Player 1 falls for Player 2. Player 2 falls for Player 1 – You get the idea. Sadly, not all of them end well. But luckily for us a large majority do, and some special few take it to the next level in an extreme (and awesome!) fashion. Some get married, but hold the wedding ceremony online so all their gaming friends can be involved. And then some, like this couple that met through Diablo III, just do something incredibly beautiful like a cosplay themed photo shoot.

Diablo III Cosplay Shoot

Alvin Lau and Alexis Loo met while playing Diablo III, and their friendship evolved, through the slaying of undead and demons, into a wonderful romance. The couple married last year, and their celebration is probably one of the best celebrations ever. Their pre-wedding shoot was a Diablo themed cosplay photo shoot. Lau was geared up and equipped just like his handsome Crusader, and Loo took up arms as her beautiful Demon Hunter. You can see a few of their amazing pictures in the gallery below:

The Singaporean couple hired Mezame and his crew for the photo shoot, and Neo Tokyo Project for the props, weapons, and armour. Sadly for them, living in Singapore meant that there were not many ruins, cemeteries, or old churches to shoot at. Mezame is a professional, however, and it didn’t take long for him to get creative with a green screen, allowing him to add the appropriate backgrounds in.

These photos are absolutely gorgeous, and I love that this couple got creative with their love for each other, paying homage to how they met, and what brought them closer together. Truly an inspiration for all those that meet through gaming. Let’s hope no demons come between Lau and Loo and that they defeat many more enemies together for the longest of times.

What do you think of this idea? Have you met your significant other through gaming? Have you expressed your love through gaming? Would you do a photo shoot like this? Comment below and tell us your gaming love stories.

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