Nvidia Announces GeForce Now Turning Any PC Into A Gaming PC

Not everyone has a PC set up that can handle the high-quality games coming out lately. This is becoming a problem for gamers in this modern day and age. To get a gaming PC, you have to spend a small fortune to run most games at low to medium settings, but it will cost an arm and a leg to get a high end PC that can run every game on high settings with steady FPS. Nvidia has released budget graphics cards with good specs to help with this but even they fail to provide higher graphics settings on most newer titles. Games continue to release with higher specification needs, and whilst they look stunningly beautiful and (for the most part) work like a charm, a lot people just can’t afford to buy a machine that performs at the highest of qualities. This is where GeForce Now comes in.

Nvidia announced during CES 2017 that they will be releasing a a new streaming service with the goal of turning any PC into an on-demand GeForce gaming machine. This will enable any computer, even Macs and Notebooks, to launch Steam and then play any game in your library at the highest of settings. This is great news for people that can’t afford a gaming machine or are stuck with a Mac and struggle to upgrade it. Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia CEO, announced that there are “1 billion PC users with systems that aren’t game ready.”

GeForce Now 1

With the download of a small client, any PC will be able to gaming services and play games from that service with the highest quality of graphics and low latency. Other services, such as OnLive, have attempted this before, but have failed to provide a product worth using. GeForce Now will have to find a way of ensuring low latency if they want to succeed. The live demo during the CES keynote proved promising, with Huang launching Steam and loading into the Lara Croft game Rise of the Tomb Raider in around 20 seconds from a Mac.

Geforce Now will reportedly cost US$25 for 20 hours of game play, and will become available in March. There will be no doubt that this is something people will want provided Geforce Now can deliver on their promises.

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