Smite Shows New Goddess that Transforms into any God on the Map (VIDEO)

Smite is a beautiful third person MOBA published and developed by Hi-Rez Studios. It has picked up quite a following over the last year, and players love the fact that they play as gods, godessess, and other mythological figures as opposed to just some hero or villain.

Hi-Rez Studios has been doing a great job of keeping the game updated and fresh with new characters to play with (Wings Of Victory was a popular patch). As part of its annual Hi-Rez Expo annual event, a new character was announced, and it appears to have caught the attention of a lot of players. Smite’s new character is the first of the Celtic pantheon, and is called The Morrigan: a mage that has one of the most interesting abilities in the game, and possibly even most MOBAs in general.

Smite Morrigan Ultimate

The Morrigan, being a mage, will not be able to stand up in most melee fights, and her abilities reflect that. Stand back and hit from afar, or go invisible and make a clone of yourself. But her ultimate ability, Changeling, gives her a chance to change things up a little. It allows her to change into any other character that is in the current game session. The possibilities here are only limited to your skill.

When using Changeling, The Morrigan not just turns into any other character, but she gets everything they have while the spell is in effect – stats, abilities, and items. This means that in a pinch she can fill any role needed. A smart player could very quickly change a team fight with this ability – being able to turn into a tank for extra HP, an assassin for quick burst, or maybe a Fighter for more sustained damage. It will be interesting to see how this new character develops and changes the Smite meta. Check out the full video below to check out everything she has to offer:

Comment below and tell us how you feel about The Morrigan? Do you think she will shake things up or become “just another goddess”? Sound off with your thoughts below on all things Smite related and keep a tab opened on DFTG for all your gaming news!

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