Diablo III 20th Anniversary Patch Now Live in the Americas (VIDEO)

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The Diablo Franchise has had an overall great history – 20 years of it, in fact. Three full games, each with their own expansion, have been released, and even rumours of a Diablo 4 on its way. Blizzard announced they would do something special for Diablo III (along with all their other titles) to celebrate this hallmark date in the company’s history, and now that wait is over.

Diablo has been a wonderful game series, something I cherish dear as it was one of the first games I ever played. Diablo III was a bit of a problem child, however. Not a terrible game by any means, but there were numerous problems that plagued it at the start – including the terrible and dreaded real money Auction House. But Blizzard did their best to fix up what they could to make their fans happy, and for the most part it worked. It has even brought some players closer together.

Diablo III UI Update

During Blizzcon 2016, Blizzard explained that we would get a special treat for Diablo III, having (not really) recreated the first Diablo game inside of the third installment. Lucky for us, that time is now here with the release of patch 2.4.3 – and it looks stunning. There are a lot of changes in this patch:

  • Classes
  • Items
  • Seasons
  • Monsters
  • Bosses
  • Quality of Life

Diablo III Diablo

The biggest change is the addition of a grainy, slightly pixelated (non)remake of the 16-floor cathedral-dungeon from Diablo 1. It looks beautiful and brings back so many memories, espeically with the old, familiar sounds. This latest patch is the perfect blend of new and old that all Diablo fans can enjoy.

What are your thoughts on the patch changes? Are you keen to get back to Old Tristram and work through the old dungeon floors?  Comment below and let us know what class you’ll be playing when you first go back. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and add us to your favourites!

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