Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Slogan Revealed By Microsoft Trademark

Showcasing at The Game Awards, Microsoft was able to take an early lead in the next-gen console wars with their reveal of the Xbox Series X. Sporting fresh details and…

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PlayStation 5 Backward Compatibility

Rumor: PS5 Backward Compatibility Includes All Previous Gens (VIDEO)

Backward Compatibility isn’t a very new innovation, but it has proven to be a worthwhile inclusion among gamers. As such, the feature has been an unsurprising subject of rumors concerning…

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Nintendo Interested In Cloud Gaming, Says Console-Only Is "Pointless"

Nintendo Interested In Cloud Gaming, Says Hardware-Only Is “Pointless”

The technology behind cloud gaming was once sitting at a meme-level status, but as time and technology has progressed, the idea of playing games from the cloud has become something…

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PlayStation 5 Launch PS5

New PlayStation 5 Leaked Design Is Painfully Fake

With the big reveal of Microsoft’s next console, the Xbox Series X, fans are likely all aboard the hype train as it chugs along into the next-generation station. However, with…

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Next Xbox Revealed By Microsoft At E3 2019 (VIDEO)

Xbox Scarlett Exclusives Will Be Released Every 4 Months

The incoming console generation is becoming more and more visible by the week, with Microsoft making some of the biggest moves ahead of 2020. With an array of featureful services…

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NBA Live 20 Officially Cancelled, Focus On Next-Gen Plans

NBA Live 20 Officially Cancelled, Focused On Next-Gen Plans

It’s been a while since EA Sports released official information regarding their annual basketball franchise NBA Live, but it appears there’s been a reason as to why that’s been the…

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Next-Gen PS5 vs. PS4 Pro Load Times Demonstrated By Sony (VIDEO)

PlayStation 5 Controller Features Haptic Feedback, Adaptive Triggers

The PlayStation 5 appears to be leading the way for next-gen, not only for the system’s impressive set of specs but also for being the first to confirm an official…

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PlayStation 5 Launch PS5

PlayStation 5 Release Confirmed For Holiday 2020

Next-generation console gaming has been approaching at a steady pace as of late, with numerous pieces of speculation coming forward in between admittedly-sparse official announcements. Sony notably dropped the first…

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EA's Frostbite Reveals Hair-Raising Next-Gen Rendering

EA’s Frostbite Reveals Hair-Raising Next-Gen Rendering (VIDEO)

Next-gen gaming is becoming much more of a reality as of late, with companies such as Sony and Google openly discussing their major plans for the foreseeable future. While there’s…

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PlayStation 4 Exclusive Content

PlayStation 4 Support Will Continue For At Least 3 More Years

Slowly but surely, the next generation of home consoles is inching its way to the present, Sony seemingly at the forefront with the reveal of the tentative PlayStation 5. Though…

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