Every Cheat and Code You Need to Know on NES Classic Edition

Castlevania - NES Classic Edition

Now that the NES Classic Edition has been released…and sold out…like, within seconds, it’s time to have some fun! That is, of course, if you were lucky enough to get your hands on one. For those who haven’t been able to hang on to their old consoles, the NES Classic Edition provides that sweet, retro gaming, but in a smaller and updated package, and at a relatively low price. Something you may or may not want to use for your new system, however, are some good old fashioned cheats and codes. If you wish not to spiral down into the realm of dark and mischief, a world of the corrupt and the broken, a land of the sullied and unworthy…I suggest you turn back now, for the road ahead can be quite dreadful, and you will never be the same for having gone down it. Or, you know, keep going and play the games how you want to because you are capable of thinking for yourself and who is anybody to tell you how to have a good time…

In a recently published wiki guide from IGN, every cheat and code that you would possibly need to know is accounted for. We’ve compiled a small list of our favorites to get you started. Within it, secrets of a past life are held, having laid dormant for centuries, only to be unveiled by the next gamer lucky enough to take a crack at the tomb….or just the person who reads them below. The choice is yours!

Mega Man 2 - NES Classic Edition


  • To unlock a harder version of the game, beat the game once through and then play it again from the menu without starting the game over again. You’ll be presented with the identical game as before, with all six levels in tact, but it will be much harder.

Excite Bike

  • When you crash, your biker normally takes what feels like forever to get back on his bike. To speed him up, though, you can keep pressing the button and he’ll move more quickly

Kid Icarus

  • Start at the last level with invincibility and fully upgraded arrows.
  • Start the game with everything

Kirby’s Adventure

  • In Level 2 of the Rainbow Resort area, jump or fly up to the ledge above the entrance door. Stand directly over the door, then fly up yet again. You will reach a secret, hidden door. By entering it, you skip the first three mini-bosses. After beating the last one (a fireball lion), you will enter a secret room with five 1-ups. Enter the door to your right to end the level.

Mega Man 2

  • To start playing with all weapons and items acquired, plus four energy tanks, enter your password as A-5, B-2, B-4, C-1, C-3, C-5, D-4, D-5, E-2.


  • Everything you need to beat the game.
    • y54I04 0G9040 0B–00 0000YE
  • Start with Suitless Samus / 5 Missiles / All Upgrades / No Energy Tanks
    • 000000 00000G 7?2ruA 005WFh

Punch Out

  • To access the Another World Circuit, enter the password 135 792 4680, then press A+B+SELECT simultaneously.
  • Enter the password 800-422-2602 to hear a busy signal. This was Nintendo’s old customer service line, and proof that even Nintendo has a sense of humor.

The Legend of Zelda

  • To start a game at the second quest without first having to clear the first quest, enter ZELDA as your file name.
  • When you first enter Level 1 in the game’s first quest, immediately leave and re-enter. The locked door will have opened!

NES Classic Edition

If you want the full comprehensive guide to all known cheats and codes that work on the NES Classic Edition, you can find that right here. Were any of you able to get your hands on the new console? How are you liking it? For those who weren’t lucky enough to grab one, don’t fret! There will be plenty of stock just in the time for the holidays. Speaking of stuff, did you see some of the deals going on for Black Friday? There are actually some decent things that will be on sale! Don’t forget to let us know what’s on your mind in the comments section below. We love hearing from you! As always, stay tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers, because when the going gets tough, we run and hide and play video games and write about those video games and let you know we did that so you can read all about it, or something along those lines.

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