NES Classic Edition Now Has a Wireless Controller Option

Reviews of Nintendo’s soon to be released NES Classic are in and have been positive for the most part. The $59.99 gaming machine comes with 30 of the retro console’s most iconic games pre-loaded and one replica of the original (wired) gamepad. There is an option to purchase an additional second controller for $9.99 however, the controllers themselves seem to be a common gripe among reviewers; many citing that the cords are just too short forcing the player to sit relatively close to the TV. Keeping in mind that the selling point of the product relies heavily on the nostalgia factor it’s not hard to see why Nintendo may have decided not to go the way of a wireless controller. The issue then really becomes not the fact that the controllers are wired but the length of the cord.nes-classic-edition

A company by the name of Nyko has solved the issue of the 31 inch wired controller with what they’ve dubbed as the “Nyko Miniboss.” The Miniboss is a wireless clone of the NES gamepad and according to the company features “SPACE-AGE Cordless Technology” that allows players to play up to 30 feet away from their screen. The Miniboos is connected via a dongle inserted into the controller port of the mini console. The NES Classic as well as the $19.99 Nyko Miniboss both hit stores on November 11th. Keep a look out for our review of this “space age” wireless gamepad in the very near future.

Nyko Miniboss Controller

Do you plan on picking up the NES Classic and if so will you be springing for the wireless option? You can read all about it here. Let us know your thoughts by joining the conversation in the comments below and as always keep a tab open on Don’t Feed The Gamers for all the video game news you need to know.

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