This Twinkling LED Mario Kart Bracelet Will Light Up Your Wardrobe (VIDEO)

Get the shell out of here! ThinkGeek has outdone themselves once more with another awesome accessory for those for the need to show off their rainbow road spirit — the…

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Concept art

Adorable Concept Art Features Game Of Thrones/Mario Kart Mash-up

If there was ever a time that we wished a game existed, now would be that time! It seems that some concept art has cropped up online in recent days,…

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Mario Kart VR

Mario Kart VR Game on the Way – Chances of Playing are Slim (VIDEO)

With a significant sector of the future of the gaming industry looking to virtual reality, and with Sony and Microsoft even having a presence in the VR world, folks have…

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Super Nintendo World Mario Kart

Universal Studios’ Super Nintendo World Attraction Might Have Real Life Mario Kart and More!

Universal Studios announced a few months ago that the theme park plans to build a new Super Nintendo World attraction that will include some Mario themed activities in Hollywood, CA,…

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Toys ‘R Us Restocks Nintendo Switch Consoles For Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Launch

The much anticipated Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is finally arriving for the Nintendo Switch this week, which will give Switch owners an updated version of the bestselling Wii U kart racer…

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“Fire-Hopping” Takes a Huge Hit in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as Nintendo Nerfs it into Oblivion (VIDEO)

The Nintendo Switch, the latest console from the gaming giant, has a lot to offer, not matter genre of choice. With more third party support than ever, more and more…

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Zelda DLC pass

Nintendo Offers Explanation for Legend of Zelda DLC Pass

Last week marked a first of its kind move for Nintendo in regards to their Legend of Zelda DLC pass. While the company has offered season passes for games like…

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Watch as Reinhardt Takes a Ride on the Rainbow Road in Mario Kart (VIDEO)

When Overwatch’s Reinhardt isn’t charging people into walls or off cliffs, he apparently likes to let off some steam at the race track. In this fan made video by YouTuber…

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