Universal Studios’ Super Nintendo World Attraction Might Have Real Life Mario Kart and More!

Super Nintendo World Mario Kart

Universal Studios announced a few months ago that the theme park plans to build a new Super Nintendo World attraction that will include some Mario themed activities in Hollywood, CA, Orlando, FL, and Osaka, Japan. The Universal Studios in Japan will receive the Super Nintendo World attraction first though, so they can have it ready when the 2020 Olympics arrive in Tokyo. Yesterday it was uncovered that a trademark application for the attraction was filed by Nintendo and it seems to hint at a possible real life Mario Kart!

When filling out a trademark application, the person or company who is filing must list everything that they may do with the trademark in the future. When Nintendo filled out their trademark application it included the words “organization, management or arrangement of kart racing”…. Kart racing as in MARIO FLIPPIN’ KART! Well, at least fans can hope.

Super Nintendo World Mario Kart

Just so we’re clear, the trademark application for Super Nintendo World needs to be as thorough as possible, meaning that there is a lot on there that may never happen, but they have it covered just in case. Still the fact that possible Mario Kart racing even crossed their minds is still a good sign. Some other things listed throughout the application are arcade video game machines, presentation of live show performances, amusement park rides, and providing games for smart phones among many other things.

So with all of this “evidence” do you think there will be a real life Mario Kart track at the Super Nintendo World attraction? Have you ever been to Universal Studios? Let us know in the comment section below and then make your way to an even cooler place known as the Don’t Feed the Gamers Twitter page where you can find all the hottest gaming news 24/7 with just the click of that follow button.

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