Adorable Concept Art Features Game Of Thrones/Mario Kart Mash-up

Concept art

If there was ever a time that we wished a game existed, now would be that time! It seems that some concept art has cropped up online in recent days, showcasing what can only be described as the most adorable take on a Game of Thrones fan project, and the art certainly makes us want to play this game! What makes this particular game idea look so appealing? Creators at have taken Game of Thrones and combined it with Mario Kart for a cute, and very accurate, idea of what it would be like to race as these iconic characters! Fighting for the Iron Throne is no longer an issue when it comes to racing for glory and the Iron cup! Check out the art below to see this well thought out character roster:

Concept art

According to

When we last saw our players, Cersei had knocked several opponents out of contention, Daenerys was racing across the Narrow Sea, and Jon Snow narrowly avoided a veritable army of dangers. But who will take the Iron Cup? You’ll have to play Game of Karts to see! And by “play Game of Karts,” we mean “imagine a game that’s like Mario Kart meets Game of Thrones!” We took our favorite “players” and made up karts, stats, and a favorite item. Unlike the books and television series, though, we’d like to think that Game of Karts isn’t as…permanent. Let’s wave the green flag and start, because All Players Must Race!

The images above are very well put together and quite clever, featuring real stats for the most popular characters of the show and even a selection of “unlockable” characters to play as. The concept is so well thought out we only wish that the game was really in production. Unfortunately, the creation of this concept art will have to remain a dream, considering the idea was thought up by a costume company to help fuel interest in their GoT line of apparel. Even still, it’s a cute little work of art, and an idea that could definitely take off should any game developers decide to pursue a title similar to this. In the meantime, check out our latest news release on Game of Thrones as season 7 is well underway for eager fans.

Thoughts on the above concept art for a fictional Game of Thrones/Mario Kart mash-up? How many fans would love to play this game for themselves? Make sure to join in on the discussion in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment updates 24/7. As always … game on, friends!


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