Riot Games

Riot Games Wins Lawsuit Against Botting Service LeagueSharp

Riot Games, the studio behind League of Legends, scored a big win in their lawsuit against botting service LeagueSharp.  The suit, which Riot filed last summer, alleged that LeagueSharp was…

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Blood Moon Jhin

League of Legends Unveils ‘The Hunt for the Blood Moon’ – New Skins and Game Mode

The blood moon is upon us!  League Of Legends developer Riot Games has released a new featured game mode, titled ‘The Hunt For The Blood Moon.’ The temporary 5v5 mode…

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New Reveal Video Showcases League of Legends Lunar Revel – New Skins and More

It looks like Overwatch isn’t the only game with incoming Year of the Rooster skins! In a gameplay video uploaded to the League of Legends Youtube channel, we see Champions…

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China Enforcing New Loot Box Regulations for Developers

New developments in the gaming industry have taken light these days, and the hunt for loot crate exclusives have just taken a hit. Recent regulations in China have required that…

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2016 League of Legends World Championship Taken by SKT T1

SK Telecom T1 won the League of Legends World Championship against Samsung Galaxy (SSG) yesterday with the MVP (most valuable player) award granted to the infamous Faker. This is the…

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