League Of Legends: Pulsefire Skins Revealed For Shen, Twisted Fate, And Riven (VIDEO)

Riot Games has announced a new batch of Pulsefire skins for its hit MOBA League of Legends, all of which absolutely amazing. Three skins have been revealed: one for Shen,…

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New Years Resolution

League Of Legends Studio Get Sassy With Their New Year’s Resolution Outline

We are just a handful of days into the new year, and it’s about time for people to start professing their New Year’s Resolutions. League of Legends developer Riot Games…

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Riot Program

League Of Legends Studio Is Looking For Interns, Only Ten Positions Left In Riot Program

For fans of the hit MOBA League of Legends, or those trying to find their way into the gaming industry, Riot Games has a great opportunity. The studio is offering…

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Legends Lore

Riot Games Defends League Of Legends Lore Changes And “Throwing Away Champions”

Varus from League of Legends has gone through some changes concerning his story, turning from a vengeful father and husband, to a pair of hunters who became intertwined with ancient…

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Next Riot Games Title

The Next Riot Games Title Looks To Be Teemo’s Adventure

For all of the League of Legends players out there, Teemo is either loved or hated. With seemingly no grey area in between, it looks like an upcoming game might…

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Domestic Violence Incident

Pro Gamer Loses Contract After Accidentally Streaming Domestic Violence Incident (VIDEO)

While livestreaming, people are putting themselves in front of anybody with a computer, internet connection, and a will to watch. In doing so, those who choose to broadcast their gameplay…

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Riot Games

Riot Games Co-Founders Shift Focus Back To Making New Games

Since the creation of League of Legends in 2009, Riot Games has been focused on this single title. Of course, they did create Mechs vs. Minions in 2016 which was…

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Fired Riot Employee Discusses League of Legends’ Community Toxicity And Recent Backlash

The League of Legends community is infamous for its ability to somehow nurture toxic behavior within the game. Though the term itself and the nature of the topic is always…

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Urgot Rework

League of Legends’ Urgot Rework is Finally Here – Meet the Dreadnought (VIDEO)

League of Legends‘ Urgot champion has been in a rather sad place these past five years. Most players within the Riot Games MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) community have either…

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Rakan and Xayah

Lovebirds Rakan and Xayah Bring Pre-Made Champion Synergy to League of Legends

Riot Games is all about raising the bar for their MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) League of Legends. Just when things begin to get stale, the game developer brings something…

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