Shadow of the Tomb Raider Official Teaser Trailer is Here (VIDEO)

Finally! After an incredible day yesterday about Shadow of the Tomb Raider confirmations and leaks about when and where we’ll be able to play the next step for our favourite…

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trailer Leak

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trailer Leaked, Watch it Here (VIDEO)

We received word earlier today that the highly-anticipated third installment of the rebooted Tomb Raider video game series would be receiving some sort of reveal tomorrow. With that news also…

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Launch Date

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Launch Date Leaked, Reveal Coming Tomorrow

Many fans have been delighted with the route the Tomb Raider franchise has been going over the past five years. With the series being rebooted in 2013, players were transported…

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FFBE + Tomb Raider Collaboration Event

Tomb Raider Collaboration Event Coming Soon To Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (VIDEO)

Free-to-play mobile game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is no stranger to collaborations, with famous pop star Ariana Grande having made several different appearances in-game with her own exclusive limited-time units. Now,…

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New Tomb Raider Film Clips Reveal The Mysterious Puzzles Of Lara Croft’s Adventure (VIDEO)

Tomb Raider is receiving another live-action movie adaptation, following the series that starred actress Angelina Jolie, but this time the female lead taking the stage is Alicia Vikander. Warner Bros….

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Tomb Raider Actress Alicia Vikander

Tomb Raider Actress Alicia Vikander Opens Up On Her Lara Croft Philosophy

Alicia Vikander has certainly impressed upon fans that she is a good fit for Lara Croft in the coming cinematic reboot of the franchise. Set to follow, to some degree,…

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Tomb Raider Inferno

Tomb Raider Inferno Details Revealed in Dark Horse First Look

With the reenvisioned Lara Croft set to make her big screen debut next month, fans of the iconic Tomb Raider series are hoping and praying against all odds that this will…

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New Tomb Raider Reboot Posters

New Tomb Raider Reboot Posters Show Alicia Vikander Ready To Be Lara Croft

With the upcoming film installment in the long-standing Tomb Raider franchise set to release next month, fans are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to see Alicia Vikander take on the role…

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WATCH: Epic New Tomb Raider Trailer Dives Deep Into Lara Croft’s Story

Warner Bros. UK has released an epic new Tomb Raider trailer that dives deep into the story behind Lara Craft’s mission to seek her missing father and the difficult journey…

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Tomb Raider Movie Trailer

Another Tomb Raider Movie Trailer Is Expected To Drop Very Soon

We got out first look at Lara Croft’s newest big-screen adaptation back in September, and while it didn’t provide much in terms of thrills, the adventure seems to have a bit…

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